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Multipass 2k inverter charger pass through shore power?

When plugged into shore power or a generator, does the 2k inverter charger bottle neck the power coming in to 2000 or does it let everything in that is needed?
the reason I ask is we have a Dometic Brisk Air 2 air conditioner with a Microair soft start installed that draws 1670w (without the soft start) but we are only going to be using it when hooked up to a generator or shore power and want to make sure that the 2000 would power it without overloading.

We will NOT be powering the AC with the batteries, ONLY when on shore or generator power.

inverter current draw
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Assumption is a multi compact 2000watt 240v

Short answer, it’s fitted with a 30 amp transfer switch. It will be fine. (120v ones are fitted with 50amp

Long answer max power will depends on your settings, but assuming power assist is on and hasn’t been played with, you can expect a peak power capability of 9200 watts approx assuming your shore power / generator can deliver that 30 amps in.

You may need to change the voltage thresholds in the multi to prevent the multi rejecting the generator when the large load comes on.

You may also want to use a programmable relay on the multi to turn the ac off when you loose shore or generator power to prevent overload situations.

You can achieve this with ve.configure.

You can use a digital multi control to automatically set the input current when the generator come on to a pre set value and then still retain the flexibility of changing the input current when on shorepower and there is a weak breaker on the pontoon.

my system (a little bigger) 2x 24/3000/70/50 allows us to run 11.2 Kva peaks with a 7.2 kva generator. This is the power of victron!

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