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150/100 smart solar history issue

I recently started setting up an off grid system dedicated to run certain loads at my house and set up a 12 volt system. I have 2x multiplus 3000 va inverters wired to 4 Battleborn batteries, a bmv 700 series, and 2x 150/100 smart solar ve.can mppt controllers. I have everything set up except the solar wiring but have noticed that one smart solar history graph is showing current max and min battery voltages (sitting around 13.5 volts since that is the float I have programmed on the inverters until the solar is wired up) and the other shows a min of 0 volts and a max of 655.35 volts. I have tried powering down the mppt, resetting the history, and resetting to default but it keeps showing incorrect voltages. Both of these are connect to the bmv via the Bluetooth smart network too. Anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?

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