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Configuration Using Multiple BlueSolar MPPT Controllers

My solar setup consists of 5 solar panels and 5 separate MPPT controllers: Two 315W panels each with a BlueSolar MPPT 100/30; and three 140W panels each with a BlueSolar MPPT 75/15.

They were installed 9 months ago, all with default settings. During the summer months I had plenty of charging and power. Now in the winter I feel my batteries (820ah wet-cell bank) are not charging fully, and likely need an equalization charge. I would like to set up the automatic equalization - what is the best way to configure 5 separate controllers for this. Do I configure each one individually or is there a way to make one controller the Master and the rest slaves?

The two 100/30 controllers seem to switch together as do the three 75/15's. But the 100/30's switch to FLOAT earlier than the 75/15's. i dont want them to step on each other.

MPPT Controllers
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Actually there is no working master/slave function implemented so you´ve to do that manually. But maybe we will get something like that in near future ;)

If you have programming and μc skills you can easilie do that over external ve.direkt controll with a μc an automatical setting of voltage or starting eq on all. We already implemented that on some customer systems.

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Thanks Peter. I started to set up each controller separately for a daily equalization. The first 100/30 no problem - set up for daily and changed the EQ charge voltage from the default of 16.2 to 15.5 volts. I think the 16.2 is too high for my batteries. However when I tried to configure the second 100/30 I can turn on equalization but I cannot change the EQ voltage. I did update firmware the first time I connected to each controller, and I also reset this controller to see if it would fix this problem. Any ideas on how to fix this so I can change the EQ voltage?

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I forgot to say that I am using the bluetooth connector paired with the VictronConnect app on my android phone.

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Can these mppt be synchronized with a network cable?

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