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Battery temperature monitoring and component connections


I am planning a full Victron installation on a brand new 36 feet outboard motor boat with the following components to have the highest level of service electrical autonomy when mooring:

1 MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16

1 Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX

1 Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50

1 Battery Monitor BMV-712 Black Smart

4 Batteries Lead Carbon Battery 12v/160Ah connected in parallel as one service pack

2 Solar pannels 305W-24V

2 SmartSolar MPPT 100/30

2 Cyrix 12/24V-120 Intelligent Combiner to charge engine batteries from solar during winther

As an EE engineer, I appreciate the quantity and quality of technical documentation available. Nevertheless, the "networking" and communication between components is not very clear because of the multiple networks/protocols/links (VE.Direct, VE.Can, VE.Bus, Bluetooth, etc…).

1/ I would have these components connected as described in the Cerbo GX Manual (chapter 2.1. Overview of connections).

I assume this is correct?

Or any recent changes or better way?

2/ Battery temperature monitoring remains unclear with respect to my list of components despite some information I could read on this forum. I read that enabling Cerbo STS would have the Cerbo send the measured battery temperature to the Inverter/charger system as well as all connected Solar Chargers.

I need temperature monitoring:

  • when charging with Multiplus (harbor)
  • when charging with SmartSolar with the Multiplus turned on (mooring).
  • when charging with SmartSolar with the Multiplus turned off (mooring).

Does the Multiplus temperature sensor provide temperature data to the Cerbo and to the SmartSolar even when the Multiplus is turned off?

Or do I need to add a temperature sensor to the BMV-712?

Or do I need to add a VE.Bus Smart Dongle?

3/ If I do not add the VE.Bus Smart Dongle, can I still get the system monitoring data connecting the VictronConnect iPhone app to the SmartSolar via Bluetooth?

Thanks for your help

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