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12v to 36v battery to battery charging

In my boat I have two outboard motors, two cranking batteries (age) and two lithium batteries. One lithium battery (12v 100ah) is used for the house loads. It is charged via an Orion TR 12v/12v 18amp from the port side cranking battery.

The other lithium battery is a 36v 100ah battery that is used to power a trolling motor. Right now I have a Stealth1 B2B charger between this battery and the starboard side cranking battery.

I'd like to replace the stealth charger with a Victron product so that everything in my boat is same manufacturer.

Can I use a 12v/24v Orion TR paralleled with a 24v/48v converter to accomplish this? Better yet, can the Orion 12v/24v be modified to output 36v?

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