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Isolation transformer 3600W|115/230V|32/16A; minimum allowed jumper cross section

I am currently building a new ship and I have already installed an isolation transformer from Victron Energy type 3600 | 115 / 230V | 32 / 16A. On the output side, I always want to operate the device with a voltage of 230V. I have already set the necessary push-on jumper at the device.
On the input side, I want to manually switch the isolating transformer between the input voltages 115V and 230V, using a cam switch, which will connect the correct bridge terminals if necessary. The cam switch is a 4-pole changeover switch with position 1-0-2. Prior to switching from one to the other input-voltage mode, all installed bridge cables will be secure opened first. Later, the isolating transformer will mostly be connected to shore power systems with 230V.
The minimum cable cross-sections for the 3600W version are specified in the operating instructions with 2.5 mm² (operation at 230 / 240V) or 6 mm² (operation at 115 / 120V).

Since the maximum current on the input side while operating with 115 / 120V is 32A, a cable with a cross section of 2.5 mm² should be sufficient for the connections between the input-side bridge terminals and the cam switch (cable length approx. 1.5 m).
Is there anything against wiring the input side bridges in 2.5 mm², or do I have to install a larger cross section, e.g. 4 mm²?
I would be very grateful for a short-term answer. Thanks in advance!

Isolation Tranformer
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