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Quattro grid parallel with backup generator

Hi all,

We are about to move into quite a remote house which we know the area is effected by grid failure, plus i would like to be able to run mostly from a stored solar system. My intention for how i would like the system to work is that during the day, PV will charge the batteries and power any small loads (We will both be at work so don't expect much draw here). In the evening i would like the house to mostly run off the inverter and batteries. When/if the batteries get to 40% SOC, i would like it to swap back to grid power. (There is once sentence in the ESS that states when battery power is not available, the system will buy from the grid). I would also like this to be the case when the power demand exceeds the inverters capacity, i would like it to be either topped up or swapped over to grid power, is this possible?

If it gets to a preset time, say 6pm and the batteries aren't at say 60% SOC, then i would like to set a charge condition that the charger will kick in from the grid supply, in case of grid failure (I know this is possible from the ESS manual)

If grid failure occurs, and i discharge the batteries to say 10%, i would then like the generator to be auto started to charge batteries/run loads (Again im fairly confident from reading manuals that this is possible)

I don't intend on using the AC-OUT2 on the quattro as we wont have many non essential electric loads, No AC, Oil fired heating and hot water ect.

I have attached a quick diagram of my intentions below. To reiterate, i guess my main questions are;

If grid power is available, but the quattro is working from batteries, is it possible to set the quattro to power the loads from the grid once the batteries reach a set SOC? The ESS manual refers a lot to disconnecting loads at certain preset SOC's, but i just want it to power from the grid instead of disconnecting loads.

The second is in the case of overloading the Quattro inverter, when grid power is available. Will it top its current capacity up with grid power? Will it switch to purly grid supply instead and bypass the invertor all together?

Can the Cerbo and touch 50 run ESS? They arent mentioned as compatible in the ESS manual but i assume the manual is older than the products? Also, is it possible to run two touch 50 displays from one Cerbo? So i could have one by the setup in the garage and one in the house?

Thanks in advance


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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ commented ·

@Rich. The answer to almost all your questions is yes. Programming can be done to suit all your needs, except in the instance of overload.

You can program a maximum for the inverter to produce and draw extra from the grid if it is over that. But remember all power will be passing through the Quattro so it will need to be able to handle the full load of your home at the point of a power outage, for instance if you are running a 6000W load through a 5000Va inverter and the power happens to go out at that time then you will have an immediate overload. You would also need to size the Quattro for temperature de-rating circumstances if you live in an area of higher ambient temperatures. This is a common sizing mistake people make when buying a system.

The other common mistake people make is with the transfer ability of the inverter. Yes it is higher than the inverter, but it is done that way so it can charge the batteries and run the full load at the same time.

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rich avatar image rich Alexandra ♦ commented ·

Thanks Alexandra. That is clear, unfortunately it means im going to need a much bigger quattro though!

Do you know the answer to my touch 50 question? Is it possible to run two touch 50 displays from one Cerbo?

Thanks again


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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ rich commented ·

@Rich. The Cerbo has not been officially released here, so I have not had the chance to use one or even hold one. Sorry.

Maybe someone can comment on if an HDMI splitter could work? In any case you can logon with Victron Connect and use a smart device to see it and that can be a second screen.

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ Alexandra ♦ commented ·

OR by ethernet cable or wifi to the house. VRM beckons too.. :)

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rich avatar image rich Alexandra ♦ commented ·

Great, thanks both!


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