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BMV-712 Settings for 960ah of LiFePO4 with Victron MPPT 150/85

I am wondering if my BMV-712 settings are optimal for 960ah of LiFePO4 12v battery array and 1200 watt solar system using an MPPT 150/85 controller. Thank you!

BMV Settings for Solar:

Battery Voltage: 12V
Max Charge Current: 85A
Absorption Voltage: 14.5V
Float Voltage: 13.5V
EQ Voltage: 0.00V
Re-bulk Voltage Offset: 0.10V
Absorption Duration: Adaptive
Maximum Absorption Time: 30m
Tail Current: 2.0A
Equalization Current Percentage: 25%

BMV SOC Settings:

Battery Capacity: 960ah
Charged Voltage: 14.2V
Discharge Floor: 50%
Tail Current: 4.00%
Charged Detection Time: 1m
Peukert Exponent: 1.05
Charged Efficiency Factor: 99%
Current Threshold: 0.10A
Time-to-go Averaging Period: 3m

BMV Battery Monitor
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