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Multiplus, Generator and Output Power

Good day,

Generally I am Off-the-Grid with 2 windmills 700W, 3 Windmills 2000W and 1860Wp Solarpannles connected to a SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 VE.Can.

My 4 Battery sets (each 24V 735Ah based on 12 SOPzS cells) have each a BMV702.

With 3 other BMV702 I controll 3 Power outputs seperately.

However, I have also a Benzin Generator with 230V/2000W which I use occationally to charge my Bosch Professional PowerTools, since the manufacturer has stoped, selling 12/24V Car/Truck chargers, which is VERY SAD.

However, currently the Windmills deliver approximately 25-35kWh per day which is more then expcted and I hate it, if I have to run my Generator to charge my PowerTools.

So, I decided to buy a (of course) Victron

Multiplus Inverter 24/2000/50-30


Multiplus Inverter 24/3000/70-16

However, I do not know exactly how the Generator and the Inverter play together so my questions are:

1) Am I right, that if the Generator is running, the Output take ALWAYS the Power from the Generator?

2) If I have a load on AC out, is it right, that the Multiplus always optimise the Power it draw from the Generator? I mean, maximum power for highes efficiency of the Generator and if I have an AC load of 1kW, use all unused power from AC in 2000W to charge the batteries with 1000W?

3) Is it correct, if I have a 24/2000, that I can have a load on AC out of approximately 4kW, if the Generator is running (missing power is then coming from the Inverter) or is there a limit on AC out and I have to go with the 24/3000?

Thanks in advance


MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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JohnC answered ·

Hi Michelle.

1) Yes. The genny will take priority over supplying loads, and whatever genny capacity is left will use that to charge batts.

2) Almost the same answer. 'Optimize' perhaps the wrong word, but the Multi can be set to limit your genny supply, to prevent overloading it, perhaps to a practical max where you prefer to hear it run.

3) It's correct, but I I don't think there's a limit on ac-out cast-in-stone. The inverter side has continuous and 'spike' ratings, and they should still be honoured by the Multi, and added in on top of what your genny limit is set to. Most people would never reach this. Eg my 'Easy' box has a 5000 Multi aboard, and a Victron-supplied 63A breaker on ac-out. That's like 15 kW, enough for me.. :)

Generally, I'm surprised you don't have more need for ac loads. You've a bigger charging system and batts than I, yet just want ac to charge power tools? I've always said offgridders are all different, and each need a custom system, but your's seems unattainable for me. Please tell us more..

And oh, you'll have so much Victron kit, a GX box/VRM seems a shoo-in. You have this?

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