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Generator not detected at AC-input: Alarm

Generator fires up fine fine but the unit doesn’t see (or rejects the power). Any ideas why, I can see the hz frequency varies from 49 to 52hz - could this be the cause ?

Only does it when load is above 3kv, less than that or normal charging it seems to work fine

Any ideas?

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Hi @Need help. This could be for a variety of reasons, but here are the basics:

I make an assumption that you’re not running ESS assistants?

Your Generator needs to be sized sufficiently to support your load, and the charging of batteries. One way to try and manage that is to limit the AC input current, so that the charger doesn’t overload the generator. For example If you have an 8KVA generator, derate that by at least 20%, since the max power rating is not a continuous one and you need to factor in the power factor of your load. So now it’s a 6,4KW gen. Then, the further you go above sea level the more it’s capacity decreases. This you’ll need to look to the data sheet for, but for this exercise let’s assume it derates another 20%, therefore you now have a 4,8KW generator. This translates into roughly 20A on the AC input. Setting the AC input to say 18A would then keep the generator within safe operating parameters.

Further to that, you’ll need to disable UPS mode and enable dynamic current limiter.

Also try minimize larger fluctuating loads when the generator is running as these easily cause the generator to momentarily run outside of the accepted voltage of frequency ranges and cause the Multi/Quattro to disconnect from it.

Read this for a comprehensive overview:

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