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Multiplus II shuts down when grid disconnects and reconnects, the bulk and inverter on LEDs are flashing interchangeably

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@amagetsini, according to the LED error code definition in the Victron Toolkit App available here, that code looks like "VE.Bus Error 11: Relay Test Fault - Installation error or possibly relay failure"

According to the definition, "Error 11 indicates a failed automatic self-test of the MultiPlus-II or EasySolar-II relays. It is often a result of an installation or wiring issue,m though it can also be triggered by a hardware failure.

If a grid code is selected in VEConfigure, then the backfeed relays are tested every time before connecting to the mains.

The other tests that raise Error 11 when they fail concern the Ground Relay. During inverter operation, disconnected from mains, the relay is continuously tested to be closed. And it is tested to open properly during switchover to mains. The ground relay tests are always performed: with or without a configured grid code. Unless the relay is disabled in VEConfigure. See product manual for more information regarding the ground relay."

I strongly suggest that you download the Toolkit App so you can go through the steps to take that is outlined in the details of this error code, but in a few words:

1. Update the firmware of your device

2. Check to ensure that it is connected correctly (and specifically that it is grounded properly; DO NOT connect ground to neutral)

3. Disconnect all AC-out wiring and see if it operates normally; if so, then there is likely a problem with one of your loads

4. Check your neutral-out connection

5. Check that neutral and line input are not inverted. Check the connections, swap if needed, and retry

Full description of the fault code and troubleshooting procedure is here -

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I have a similar problem...

A new Phoenix unit, ran only for a few days (at night switched off), then the software got updated when I had internet connection. The next day, the unit did not start. Alternating red/green in one second tact. I installed the tool on my phone. For the 800VA-1200VA, the tool does not describe the alarm, but for the smaller Phoenix, the tool says:

Calibration - The inverter is not calibrated. Return it to Victron service for repair.

That is my problem... How come the unit suddenly runs out of calibration (possibly a link with the automatic update during the previous day's run??).
The Phoenix is often used in boats travelling out of reach of service centres but a unit which runs out of calibration and cannot be fixed locally is pretty useless if you are offshore or abroad. As I just handcarried the unit to Philippines for my solar installation, I hope to find a way to fix the issue without having to book a ticket halfway around the world.

Anybody a trick how to get it going again?

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Hi @Paul Holtslag

Please make a new topic for this problem, and please also mention the exact type (is it the one with the plastic housing and connection?)

a blinking green led combined with a red is usually a configuration error, low or too high battery voltage, or overload.

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