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BMV 712 with 2 Battleborn Batteries

I have 2 Battle Born Lithium Batteries and am trying to wire the Victron BMV 712, but cannot figure out if negative or positive should be going through shunt. I also have these two red wires that attatch to the shunt(temp sensor?) should I put both red on same batttery, or one on each?

BMV Battery Monitor
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@bozocoder, the shunt is a negative shunt; it goes on the negative side. How exactly it should be connected depends a bit on whether you're running your two BBs in parallel or series, but bottom line is that the only NEGs coming off your bank should go to the "battery" side of the shunt and all other system loads, chargers, chassis grounds, etc. need to go to the "loads and chargers" side of the shunt.

The two red wires that come with the BMV-712 are power supply wires; you only need one of them for basic monitoring of your house bank. The second one may be used to monitor your start battery voltage or measure midpoint voltage in a multiple-battery setup. For your purposes, you should connect one of the red power wires to one of your BBs and insert the ferruled end into the PCB terminal marked "B1". Do not use the second red wire unless you're monitoring your start battery voltage or performing midpoint voltage monitoring. If you are doing one of those things, the other red wire will connect accordingly (see the owner's manual) and will plug into the PCB terminal "B2".

The optional temperature sensor is a separate device and negates the usage of the two red power supply wires, but I think if you had that you would know it... from your description it sounds like you have the kit without the temperature sensor.

For full wiring instructions, I of course suggest that you fully read and understand the owner's manual included with your kit or to be found here or, if you're still uncertain as to the proper connection procedures, consult an experienced DC installer, as incorrect connection/configuration of the batteries or other devices could cause significant damage to your components and/or your person.

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