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Can't see MPPT 250/100 chargers in VRM

Hi All,

I have two MPPT 250/100s in parallel.

I have connected them into the wireless network with the BMV712, which is connected to the CCGX. I have also connected them to the CCGX via the bus to USB converters and then to the CCGX and neither of these systems worked.

The chargers do not play well together as one takes the lead say 70amps out and the other just idles at 15amps.

I also cannot "see" these chargers in the VRM portal or the daily PV yeild which I would very much like to see.

The firmware in all the items was updated last Sunday to the latest.

The inverters I am using are two 48/5000 Pheonix in parallel master/slave configuration.

The BMV 712 also goes into charge disconnect, which I would have thought would be part of the wireless/USB network function

Probably enough questions for now,



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Hi Dave. Couple of things you've mentioned in there which suggest you may have expectations a little off track. Back to basics..

What is this 'wireless' thing you mention? Is it Bluetooth? If so, it's irrelevant to the GX. Ok for local access, even some basic networking, but the GX doesn't know about that.

For the GX to pass anything to VRM, it must see and acknowledge the items connected. If it can't see the mppt(s) then it can't pass on their data to VRM. Can it see them?

Perhaps work on that first and come back. It can't do that via bluetooth, just the wires..

Apologies if this is offbeam, so tell us more.

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Hi John,

Thanks for the quick reply.

The"wireless" thing is the local bluetooth network where the BMV712 sends current and voltage data to the MPPTs. It is called VE.Smart networking and i thought this may be a pipeline from the MPPTs to the GX via the BMV.

When you look at the VE.Smart on the Victron Connect app you can see the data it is passing on relative to current and voltage within that local network.

With the VE.Direct to USB converters the GX does not appear to "see" the MPPTs locally.

Is there a setting in the GX or MPPTs to recognise the MPPTs are connected and obtain data from them.

Just been doing a bit more reading and found "setup item 31" in the MPPT needs to be set to BMS present.

Maybe this will make the MPPT visible to the GX



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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ dave04163 commented ·

I think perhaps put your bluetooth apps aside and concentrate on the fully fledged system, which in your case is quite substantial. Master it, and your bluetooth should largely become redundant.

Let's call it 'ethernet based', and if your phone is grafted to your palm you may need it surgically removed. :)

A little thing that worries me is that you may even be confusing BMS with BMV. Different animal, even though you may have both.

For me, twas a matter of hitting the literature, reading, rereading, chasing links til I learnt. Still don't know much, but still soaking it in as best I can.

Try here for a start:

Wiring requirements in there too. Much, much more if you care to chase it down to meet your knowledge needs. Too onerous?, then a Victron dealer beckons. Diy'ing it is fine, but catching up is for you to arrange.

Not trying to put you down or sound smart, but there's only so much we can help you with from a distance.

But come back as you need anyway..

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Thanks John for your attempt to help.

The whole idea is to make the MPPT's statistics visible on the VRM so I DON'T have to stand in front of them with the bluetooth.

Yes, if the communications systems between the components was all ethernet, rather than multidrop BMS comms and point to point it would be alot more user friendly. But in saying that, I understand the communications are as they are.

With that said, is there anyone out there that has connected two MPPT 250/100 chargers to a CCGX via the USB connection.

The to USB converter cables are too short to reach the GX directly so they connect to a USB hub that then connects to the GX USB port, as per the GX instructions.

The reason I am using the USB route is because I have a BMV712 as well but only 2 ports on the GX.

The GX display page shows the ingoing charge from the 9kWp via these two chargers but does not identify the devices themselves.

Setting 31 on the MPPT's is set to BMS present, Setting 58, TX pin mode is set to normal communication.

Thanks again John for your help,



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