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Wrong plug

I've just taken delivery of an IP22 12-30 charger and I find it has a European plug with two round pins instead of a UK 3 square pin plug. I take it if I cut the plug off to change it I will invalidate the warranty?
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@brassmonkey001 yeahhhhh I wouldn't do that if I were you... I know how easy it is to swap a plug, but at the same time I don't think it's worth the risk, because I would definitely view it as highly suspect if someone tried to file a warranty claim to me and I discovered the plug had been swapped. I highly recommend that you return the charger to your distributor and just get one with the proper plug; it's a PITA, but I think it's worth the effort to know for sure that you're covered b y warranty.

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Or the other option I suppose is to use a travel adaptor. It is a PITA as it doesn't mention the type of plug on the website.
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@brassmonkey001, yes, a travel adapter would likely pose the smallest PITA out of your options.

Strange about not mentioning the type of plug - it definitely should. I'm in 120vAC land so we don't carry the IP22s (they're 230 only), but a quick glance at the Victron order page tells me that they're available in 3 different plug types (CEE 7/7, UK, and AU/NZ) so I would expect a reputable distributor to either offer the option or at least specify what they're selling you :-/

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I've decided to send it back and order one from a vendor in this country that definitely has a UK plug. I feel that would be a safer bet in case of any warranty claim. It's a shame I've had to spend double postage which wipes out any savings made by buying at a slightly lower price, but I'll have better peace of mind.
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