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Quattro - Battery data available on VE.Bus?

I am not very familiar with the victron communication universe.

Does the VE.Bus interface of a Quattro provide actual battery voltage and current (charing discharging) data? The device should because these data are necessary for control purposes.

And further more, can these data be logged, either directly on a computer (via MK3--) or via ethernet network (ethernet remote2+Router) without a BMV device?

In this case, can settings be done via this 2 connection options on the device (Quattro) or is an additional device ( VE.Dir. Blue. Smart Dongle ) for this purpose necessary?

The application is actual a test set-up in a Lab.

Kindest regards and thanks for the support.

Joss Fritz

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Hi Joss. Victron comms can indeed be challenging for a newcomer. But it's covered with a GX box. Several varieties, but here's one that should suit:

The (free) VRM portal for logging (per minute is standard min). And it's magic!!

Internet access via LAN for instantaneous readings, or via the screen for that model GX. Yeh, a router needed for LAN & WAN.

The MK3 adaptor only necessary for firmware updates. The BMV a battery monitor that could hook in too if you want, but not essential.

Settings on a Quattro can be done via VRM. Bluetooth dongles unnecessary.

Ask again if you need, please..

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Hello John,

thank you for the introduction.

This means, I can have the battery voltage and current logged by the CCGX (VRM account)? without a additional shunt and/or BMV?

As I understood by reading the CCGX doc, settings and firmware updates can also be made, remote, via the CCGX?

Thank you in advance,


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The BMV/shunt isn't essential, but it's more accurate. Not to say the Quattro isn't good enough, but depends what you want.

VRM can log those and more. Hz, summaries, etc. For at least 6 months on the server, but you can download the files for safekeeping.

An MK3 adaptor is needed for firmware updates, but settings within the Quattro are easily done via VRM using 'Remote VEConfigure'. (It downloads the config file, you change it, then send it back). You can keep a copy for reference if you choose.

Scroll down and try the VRM demo.

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