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Has anyone upgraded BVM712 to rev. 4.03 and still not have audible alarm?

Wanting to find out if others have had success in gaining an audible after upgrading to rev 4.03. I've upgraded and still can not get an audible alarm on low battery temperature alarm, display indicates the alarm.

BMV Battery Monitor
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·


You have now opened 3 seperate questions on the same topic. Please keep it to just 1.

Have you tried using a spectrum analyzer tool to see what tone is being output by your unit?

It may also be that the unit is now putting out 4kHz, instead of the previous 8 kHz, but that this is not an audible frequency for your hearing either.

Your phones microphone will provide some objective data.

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Steve avatar image Steve commented ·

I'm just trying to get some resolve to a problem that I and others have experienced. I can't hear 8Kz, but I can hear 4K. There aren't any dealer here in Alaska. I don't own a spectrum analyzer. Have you had luck upgrading and verifying a 4K alarm? Is it as simple as upgrading to 4.03, then enabling alarm, setting a setpoint, then accepting the changes? Like I said the display flashes the alarm.

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You should be able to use a free app from your phones app store.

Also check that the "alarm buzzer" is turned on in the BMV settings.

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The "alarm buzzer" is enabled. I'll try the App Store

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Hi Steve,

If you have a mobile phone, you also own a spectrum analyzer. Please click the link above, it lists many free apps in the google play and apple app store.

Please test your unit.

I have verified the fix.

I just upgraded a BMV-712 to the latest firmware (4.03).

alt text

I triggered an alarm by disconnecting the midpoint voltage sensor.

I could hear the alarm, but I also observed the frequency in a free app for my iPhone that I downloaded called Spectrum.

alt text

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Steve avatar image Steve Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

Guy, I downloaded the same frequency analyzer. Set the alarm for cold temperature, got visual alarm, microphone was 1" from interface, still can't hear the audio. According to your screen shot you acheived Max -44. According to my screen shot I only got 60. As I understand; every increase of 10dB on the scale is equivalent to a 10-fold increase in sound intensity (which broadly corresponds with a doubling in loudness) . That somewhat explains why I can't hear an attenuated alarm at 4K. My basic question has and always will be is why high frequency was the choice of Victron Energy. My microwave alarm is at 2K and I can hear it from the other room.

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Justin Cook answered ·

@Steve, I find that the audible alarm is functional, at the prescribed 4kHz, with a fully updated BMV-712 (BT F/W 2.23, Device F/W 4.03)

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