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Welding on 3000 Inverter

I have a 3000 W Class inverter and have the odd welding job with a 30 plus year old welder which works fine up to the highest setting.

The welder is due for replacement. New units come with higher currents on paper that I dont need and undoubtedly the Multi will not be able to supply. So I would dial it down to a sensible amount of course. They all seem to have gone to inverters instead of big coil transformers inside. Is that going to be a problem if I stay in the low power bracket or do inverters on both ends play havoc with each other?


Ps disregard current draw underneath, that was added automatically and is of no interest

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Is using/acquiring a battery powered welder a possibility - then you don't need to worry about the double conversion.

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Interesting, never even heard of that. Thanks for that. However not economically viable for stick welders as I use it 4 times a year and I really want a Mig welder as I have now, could not find one in a brief search and let it go when I saw the prices

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I would not try this. The starting current of a welder is very very high (10x from average or so), and probably will trip or even kill the 3kW inverter. Also the electrical noise that goes back into the mains is probably a problem.


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Off grid situation. Inverter has never tripped so far with welding. It does trip on heavy motor start up. If it says 6000W on the tag, it better had deliver it or I will find out ;) So far no complaints.

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