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Venus digital inputs

Hi, any plan / timeframe for use the venus inputs to :

bms charge/load inputs. So mppt and inverters is handled from venus Easi with 3. Part lithium.

inverter start/stop

emergency stop/standbye of inverters.

To chose generator start / stop algoritme. (instead of silent/normal in menu)

we really would like to move away from inverter assistand and configuring, and have more concentrated to the venus device, and let that relate to multies,

last, maybe put in new question,,,

ve direct devices remote configure..- when?

its a big problem its no easy way to remote control bmv and solar chargers from remote.

i know that has been planned for victronconnect app, but what is timeline.?

i would also like more control from inside venus on ve direct...

so can adjust bmv settings for fully charge.. to sync soc to 100% etc.

Venus GX - VGX
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