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Venus GX - Customized Overview


recently I have bought the Venus GX and was pretty disappointed of the overview pages. Since I only have a BMV-712 and a MPPT Solar Charger the overview pages does not fit my needs. Therefore, I have changed some "qml" files of the QT gui to get "my overview". My BMV-712 and the MPPT are connected with to the Venus GX. The overview displays all (for me) important information now on one page. My overview are displayed as follows:

Maybe, this qml changes are useful for anyone. The file needs to be overwritten at the directory "/opt/victronenergy/gui/qml". However, never forget to make a backup before and do this on your own risk! My overview replaces only the file "OverviewTiles.qml" and added two own format style files. Please notice, if you run the same environment and want to use this, you need to check the are setup in the correct order to the Venus GX ("com.victronenergy.solarcharger.ttyO2"/"com.victronenergy.battery.ttyO4"). Check the connectors and switch them until it works, or change the source code of the qml file. Afterwards, just reboot the Venus GX.

Might be helpful, and give some ideas what is possible. Use it on your own risk! This is just a demonstration example which works perfectly for my use-case! Victron should consider to add more specified use-cases the the Venus GX pages (and feel free to add this overview for people only using MPPT and BMV)! Finally, on every update of the Venus OS, the files needs to be recopied - and maybe updated/adapted again!

Hopefully this is useful for anyone!

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