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Connecting solar panels to hot water heater

I have read a couple of posts on the question of connecting solar panels to a hot water heater on a boat. My boat has three 250w Kyocera solar panels with a MPPT 150/70 and BMV700. The battery bank is three 220amp 6v [in series and parallel] LifeLIne AGMs. The charger/inverter is a Xantrex Freedom 458 2500w. The hot water heater is 11 gallons. I have a dual 12v/120v heater element that has not been installed yet. From earlier discussions it seems that using the inverter when the SOC is 100% is the most satisfactory and efficient course of action. Is my system up to the task? And what settings need to be made? Thank you for attention in this matter.

Solar Panel
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With AGM batteries even when they are at 100% SOC still need an absorption charge for a period of time to keep them in good condition and not shorten their service life. So waiting for them to get to float is the best time to try out this idea, but there are some questions.

What wattage is the element?

And your battery bank is it 12V? I am struggling to understand how you got three 6V in series and parallel.

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