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Is it possible to adjust the visible elements of the CCGX overview screen


The main page of my CCGX is showing AC input,AC loads, PV charger, etc.

As I don't have some AC components in my van, is there a way to get rid of them in this page? I have no use of seeing them.

Thank you.

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Alistair Warburton avatar image Alistair Warburton commented ·

I looked, briefly, at that and I am pretty sure that the sure that the CCGX and GX are actually based on BeagleBone boards running Linux.

Moreover I think they are open source and have developer pages/comunitities.

Assuming I wasnt dreaming then that architecture would suggest they are running a web server and likely using the same HTML or more likely XML for the display and web interface.

I dont know much about Linux but when messing with a PI 3 I didnt find it easy, being used to PC based IDE's. I dd see that the GX code can be compiled for PI and several other platforms so I suspect you could do literally anything you want to and the information required will be there somwhere.

I also suspect it would be anything but trivual...

Sorry I was wrong...

Linux kernal yes but development of the UI is QT/QML using QT Creator apparantly, some reading this end I think.

Changable yes, easily, not unless you already knew how to or were using QT for something else.

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jeroen avatar image jeroen ♦ Alistair Warburton commented ·

Hello Alistair,

You are commenting on something in the advanced part of the community. Can you please make sure you know what you are talking about _before_ posting. Obviously wrong answers are really annoying.



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Alistair Warburton avatar image Alistair Warburton jeroen ♦ commented ·

Point taken...

Perhaps you could point out, in detail, which parts of my comment were annoying and or misleading/wrong.

From a personal point of view I would welcome some detailed insight into the answer, even if it made me look silly. I call that a learning opertunity.

Silly me, I thought comments were just that, comments as part of a discourse.

Had I realised that saying I wasn't sure either, and mentioning what I had found, whilst looking into the exact same thing, was gong to be annoying and somehow be taken as an answer, I wouldnt have done it.

Since you say I am obviousy wrong I assume you know why and for some reason have chousen not to share that information. I also take exeption to being accuse of offering an answer, which I definatly did not... No that is annoying.

Call me silly all you want but bring something to the party to do it...

I suspect if you crrected everything I got wrong we would all learn something, Can you do that?

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jeroen avatar image jeroen ♦ Alistair Warburton commented ·

The main issue (which you already corrected) is that you said it is likely a HTML thing. Since we actually do have a HTML app as well you guide people in the completely wrong direction.

You mention it is difficult to change, but it isn't. Its just changing a plain text file. (It might be tricky for other reasons and I will write a readme about that so people don't brick their device)

You said the gui might be open source, but it isn't at the moment (and that is simply because we have to make the dependencies open source as well, and that takes some thought and time, since those are shared). Most of the gui is available as text files on the device, so you can adjust whatever you want though.

You can run the gui from an IDE like qtcreator and even do remote debugging. We provide SDKs for it etc. (but that is likely easier if it was opensource, then you can simply hit the debug button..). Running linux doesn't mean you cannot have an IDE.

You mentioned the ccgx and venusgx are beaglebone based, that is true for the venusgx (actually beaglebone enhanced), the ccgx is not. They do run linux though.

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Alistair Warburton avatar image Alistair Warburton jeroen ♦ commented ·

Thanks, that is helpful in clarifying stuff, and clears up things I hadnt understood.

I am sorry I was prickly... I write code for a living so I am accutely aware of what I dont know, this being in that category.

My comments were angled at suggesting detail, not stating it, speciffically to provoke a bit of discourse that was at a lower level, which woked aparantly.

Personally I have way to much other stuff to do to be learning a new OS right now, especially as my Liniux knoledge is practically 0. That may change with time and I am always up for learning something.

I will be doing some integration, I will be watching this, and simmilar threads and with a bit of luck I will get smarter.

You and I both know that answer a broard question in technical detail is oftern essentally pointless because the person asking my have little or no idea of the underlying complexity.

I dont know in this case if the origional query anticipated the complexity, I do know I underestimated the complexity and found something else I know little to nothing about. However the exersize was/is far from pointless, you have pointed what I need to learn and when I do finally need to ask some questions I will be better place to do that.

So as I said... Point taken, I was/am definitly wrong and poorly informed but I would like to point out that I am now better informed, all be it only slightly, because my comments provoked a response that almost cirtainly wouldnt have occured had I not needed correcting...

I appriciate your comments and will be watching the discussion progress.


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jeroen answered ·

Hi, you can have a look at /opt/victronenergy/gui/qml/OverviewHub.qml which is likely the overview you are looking at.

adding visible: false will hide the items you don't want to see.

But more interesting what do you have connected? Perhaps we should solve this is general..



btw. updates undo such changes...

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Allan Yates avatar image Allan Yates commented ·


"and I will write a readme about that so people don't brick their device)"

That would be extremely helpful! I just purchased a CCGX to use as a development system, have got SSH working and did your "visible: false" test successfully.

I just got QT Creator installed and will start playing with that. QML is all new to me. Any architecture information that you could include in your readme file would be greatly appreciated. May this all will be clear once I get an understanding of QML, but things like how the different QML files relate to each other, which ones are "run" when, which are the "base" files, the relationship with "com.victronenergy.system", and the relationship with "sys: theSystem".

There is a trick somewhere I read that allows a script to be run on a reboot/update, which can copy modified files from a location that doesn't get updated. No clue if this actually works.

My goals are:

  1. Customise the OverviewHub page to exclude the non-applicable elements to our ship.
  2. Display on the OverviewHub page non-Victron elements (i.e. current flow from engine alternator).



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