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ESII power from PV inverter to AC output battery charging

ESII 3000 GX 3000 / 48 inverter at the house. 20 KwHr Battery at 48v. 5 Kw of PV. Off-Grid site with generator backup.

In the ES II manual it states that I can input AC from a PV inverter to the AC output of the ES II inverter. When there is surplus power it will be used to charge the battery. When the battery reaches float voltage, the frequency will be allowed to rise, reducing the output from the PV inverter. On this site, the house is 160m from the PV array. Power is needed at the house, and at the site of the PV array, where there is a workshop. My question is : Can I install a single cable between the PV inverter at the workshop, and the ES II at the house. Power would then be supplied from the ESII when there is insufficient PV power, and power would be sent to the batteries when there is surplus from the PV array. Is that workable ?

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Yes this should be doable. What you likely will need to do, to achieve code compliance (depends on your country and location) will be to run one set of wires from the AC Out of the Victron equipment at the house, to a sub-panel at your workshop... From that sub-panel, have 1 breaker that then goes to the PV Inverter, then other breakers that supply loads at the workshop site. Do not have any loads in-between the PV Inverter Output and the Sub-Panel AC Breaker.

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Thanks very much for that. Two things I don't understand about the way this works:

1. How does the battery charging work at the ES II, when an AC supply is connected to the output? Do I need to change any settings or add an assistant, to make this work, or will it happen automatically ?

2. If the supply from the PV inverter is delivering 3 Kw, and the house load is 5 Kw, will the ESII be able to draw 2 Kw from the battery to make up the load ?

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