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VEDirect Hex - What is Temperature dimming and input current dimming?

For register 0xEDD4 (Additional charger state info bit-mask)

What does the Temperature dimming active and Input current dimming active do? I would assume Temperature dimming just means when the temperature sensor determines its an unsafe temp it would lower the input current to protect the battery / charger from over heating and for the Input current dimming I would also assume that this bit would be set if you go over the the nominal PV wattage for your MPPT charge controller. (500W with lets say a 12v 100-20 which is only rated for 290W at 12V)

The reason why I am asking is because I am looking for the register that would specify if the MPPT charge controller is limiting input power and I would assume 0xEDD4 is what I am looking for. But it doesn't look like I can enable the Input current dimming by lowering the maximum charge current below the amount being produced from my solar panels. (At least I tried to do that but it didn't enable the bit, so I may need to just hook up my solar panels and see what happens)

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