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Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor cable be replaced with a generic rj12 cable?

I purchased this item for my victron 2000 inverter charger and I think I damaged the cable that connects this to the shunt, and my bmv712 doesn't turn on anymore. Do you sell replacement shunts and or the cable? Can the cable be replaced by a generic 6p6c cable? thanks

BMV Battery Monitor
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@cycleguy77, I can confirm that A: replacement cables are available, as are replacements shunts and etc.

That being said: Contact the Victron distributor you purchased the unit from (saying this because I'm technical support for one of them), because the distributor should walk you through a troubleshooting process to establish whether the fault is in the cable, the shunt PCB (there's nothing wrong with the shunt, but the PCB sometimes fails), the fuse on the PCB power lead, or the monitor. Once you've established which component actually has the fault, you should be able to get a replacement component under warranty.

It is technically possible to use a generic cable, but I don't recommend it... get a proper Victron-issued cable or whichever of the other components may be faulty, because generic cables may not be pinned correctly or may very well be the wrong length and/or internal resistance, which can end up giving you incorrect readings at the display.

Your distributor will most likely ask you to check voltage at the PCB and check the PCB power supply fuse, so you should go ahead and do that before you contact them; then, if they operate anything like we do, they'll most likely have you send in your PCB, data cable, power cable, and display head, then will test all the components and replace whichever is defective and send the lot back to you again. By doing it that way, you leave your actual shunt in place so that your system stays functional without having to rig your negative connections together. In theory (at least, it works this way in my company) you should only be lacking a display for about a week while your equipment ships to the distributor, the distributor tests everything, and sends it back... and in the meantime the rest of your system still functions fine because the shunt is never removed.

Hope that helps, and good luck!

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