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Logged data from offline Raspberry Pi not uploaded when connected


As per the Victron documentation, if the <span style="font-size: 14px;">Raspberry/ Venus is not connected to the Internet, the backlog should be reload automatically

In my case this is not the WORKING
i see data on the USB-stick, it is format according to Victron recommendation
Any ideal what could cause that?

Victron Image = 2.33

Raspberry 3 B+

Window PC

2.2 Logging data for the VRM portal The CCGX can be used in combination with the Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal: The CCGX monitors all products connected to it and the VRM portal makes the statistics easily accessible. 2019-01-22 12:40 17/28 Color Control GX manual Victron Energy - Since version 1.40, dealing with an absent or intermittent internet connection has changed. Data is sent out via the Internet if it's available, and will fall back to non-volatile storage when there is a (temporary) Internet outage. The built-in non-volatile storage can contain 48 hours worth of data. To extend this period, one can insert an microSD card or USB stick, and the CCGX will automatically transfer any data that may reside on the internal storage to it, and will start using this external memory as backlog buffer. You can see that it's active in the settings menu:

When using this external memory, it will still make use of an active internet connection to send its backlog. That means that even with months worth of backlog, once the CCGX re-acquires an Internet connection, all of the backlog is sent out. And because of an enhanced algorithm, this takes considerably less time and traffic than before. When a CCGX is permanently without Internet, one can choose to upload the backlog buffer manually. The first step is to use the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to eject the storage (don't just remove the SD-card/USB-stick). The storage device can then be removed from the CCGX and inserted into a computer or laptop, the data file on it can be uploaded on the VRM Portal with the 'Upload CCGX File' option:

Raspberry Pi
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Did a full installation .. off line data is now transferring when connected to the internet

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