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EV Charger how to do dynamic charge rate ?


I have about 8300Wc of PV on my system and 20kWh of Pytontech batteries. I would like to know WHEN battery is full on the afternoon and WHEN I have enougth potential power from PV (connected by SmartSolar MPPT) to start a charge if there is connected vehicule and modulate charge from 6A to 16A ? Also stop the charge automatically when PV are not able to push the power to EV charger.
Is this possible or I have to code some python stuff using MQTT/Modbus to do it myself?

This question is important because I am considering to buy some 2 EV Charger at home.

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It's doing that already, that's the Auto mode

Works for grid connected systems with feed-in, without feed-in and even off-grid.

It just needs to be on the same LAN as the GX device, to get the data from it.

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