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Changing Current Camper Setup: New Victron User

Hi All. Short version is I'm making some changes to the hard top campers electrics. Currently I have an elcheapo 30amp 240v battery charger, Victron smart solar 75/15 controller, 2 x 100 amp lead/crystal batteries.

I'm adding a Redarc 2000w inverter (remote controller screen) - already purchased from a friend. Upgrading the 8awg trailer feed wire to something bigger, maybe 3awg. Adding 2x 180w solar panels. Would like the system future proof incase the inverter (induction cooker) causes me to upgrade the batteries to LiPo. Remove the elcheapo charger and replace with a more reliable charger with float mode (so I can leave the camper plugged in when it is not in use). Also need to upgrade the battery cabling to 000awg to help the new inverter out. We're off-grid campers and do not need 240v input to run 240v power points - feed by inverter, but that's a whole different conversation.

I understand auto elecs, but I am fairly new to Victron, and I'm having trouble working out what Victron products I'll need. I'm thinking:

240V battery charger (multi stage)

40amp DCDC

bigger solar controller (thinking of keeping the current one for the plug in solar panels that I sometimes use)

Some sort of monitoring screen that I can have inside the camper to see it all, but not essential as I know the app works well

Happy for the monitor to integrate the tank monitors as this will leave me with more room for a few more rocker switches

Pic of my current setupimg-6570.jpeg

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@John_D4 1 thing of note about your existing set up.

Unbranded thermal circuit breakers are a disaster. They run hot, trip way below rated values, and introduce voltage drops that nerf up charging / discharging voltages.

Best to replace with a quality unit before problems start.

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Hi there - there is not much you can do re monitoring unless everything is victron.

having a mixture just does not work.

you are best to sit down with a local victron distributor and discuss the plus and minus issues face to face or even over the phone,

but really what ever ytou do stick to having one brand for all your gear, mixing a bit of this ant that is not helpfull

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A Victron solution would be:

Multiplus inverter/charger

GX device such as Ekrano for integrated control and monitoring

MPPT (use the MPPT calculator to get a model), and the old MPPT. If you're going to have different sized panels in use at the same, break into sets of identical panels and use 1 MPPT per set.

LFP batteries that are Victron compatible. If they don't report charge current, you'll also need a smart shunt.

The new Orion XS DC:DC charger. There's an update .coming out that will allow this to be controlled by the GX.

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I’m happy to move to Victron, except I managed to pick up the Redarc inverter at a great price. But that really shouldn’t effect the new BMS set up.

Regarding the unbranded circuit breakers, I completely agree. I’m looking at redoing the whole battery locker to make it more reliable when travelling remote.

What prompted the original question is that if I were to go Redarc I’d buy the Manager 30 and then add my own fuses/CB and rocker switches. But I do like my Victron controller and was wondering what Victron could offer to do the same job.

The 2 x 190w panels will be roof mounted and added to the new controller. Seeing as I have no use for the old controller and it’s not worth much on the 2nd hand market I’d planned on using it for the portable panel as its controller is really pretty poor quality.

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