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quattro 48/10000 dead, no connection with mk3

Dear All,

We are installer company and purchased a 30pcs quattro 48/10000, 60pcs MPPT smartsolar 250/100 and 30pcs CCGX display in last 2 years. now, i have problem on one inverter completely dead.

I have visited solar powered remote border sites where no internet and cell phones. Many sites is working good where installed your Quottra 48/10000 and Smartsolar MPPT 250/100. in one sites I found a problem. Where installed a 10kW solar panels and 48V/3000Ah battery storage. All is new components now installed. First time turned on inverter and working good no errors, battery voltage 51,6V, after 20 minutes give a error temp. sensor. Then I turned off, checked a temp. sensor and turn on again but all leds on then inverter is off. Not connected to CCGX display. We checked all connections then change another one inverter is working good still now. We think the connection and cables good. Problem in inverter programming. I tried to connect mk3 to VEconfigure3 but can detect mk3 then stopped and appeared 'check communication cable'. How to solve that.


Gantulga, Nandin margad llc

VEConfigure 3
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"'check communication cable'"

I guess it comes down to replacing the rj45 and usb cable (both of the shelf bits) and trying again.

It could be a computer problem, but try and use Victron Connect from a phone/tablet/win computer with the mk3.

If that fails, try another inverter (you said how many installs you have).

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Please fill in this form for service -

Might be an internal issue, if a replacement unit fixed it.

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