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Dynamic ESS, MultiPlus II Commuting

@mvader (Victron Energy)

When the batteries are full in DESS mode, the three (3 phases) MultiPlus II systems start commuting for me. All three Multis simultaneously every 30 seconds, from Bulk to Absorption immediately afterwards with Inverter-on and then back to Bulk within a few seconds.

I think this costs a lot of energy, with the fans running heavily from time to time to remove the heat.

It continues until BESS reaches a sale point. Then the system settles into Inverter-on operation. Fans then run quietly, while a fair amount of energy is sold.

When I switch the BESS back to ESS mode at such a time, the system also goes into idle mode. The three Multis then find their own rhythm, depending on the power that each phase must deliver separately. As long as the solar panels continues to provide energy, the batteries remain at 100% and the Multis do not commute.

Isn't it more convenient to have the BESS mode automatically temporarily switch back to ESS mode when the batteries are full and the time of sale has not yet been reached. Can I set this up somewhere myself, without having to modify the software?

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