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What are the use cases for DESS

Your Initiative regarding DESS is very much appreciated! Thanks!
Unfortunately it seems that the discussions get a bit confusing as the use cases are not clarified - at least for my understanding.
1. Solar system along financial view and houerly based buy and sell of electricity. As stated at the webinar, this seems to be the main goal for this initiative for DESS. Unfortunately not applicable for many owners of solar systems

2. Many owners of solar systems do not care or are not allowed to feed power to the grid. Especially in Germany it is often much more favourable to use as much solar energy locally und heat for example water instead.
For this usecase the main concern is if there will be enough local energy (solar or battery) available for the current or next day or the next two days (solar input expected vs. expected consumption).
If not: when to buy energy from the grid today or tomorrow based on dynamic tariffs (i.e. Tibber). (They forward i.e. the houerly tariffs for next day at 13:00 a clock. So it will be possible to buy today or tomorrow during certain hours at a favorable tariff.)
This use case is often mentioned but seems to be of no priority just now. I feel it to be very important to direct the expectations in the right direction in order to avoid sad disappointments.

So, please clarify if #1 is your primary concern now and if or when will #2 be added.

dynamic ess
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I guess you don't live in a place where buy and sell are a thing. It is in quite a few countries now.

If it doesn't apply to you understand there is a big enough demand elsewhere in the world for it to be developed. I think UK is one of them. And big enough where quite a few inverter brands are also working on similar integration.

As for question 2- one of the guidelines for the forum is don't ask when XXX will be released. So will not be answered but it is in the pipeline otherwise they would not have mentioned it.

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