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Dynamic ESS and EVSE issues?

EV charging station and Dynamic ESS issue.

Since that the Dynamic ESS is designed to delay the home battery to the end of the day, this can be a problem for EV charging station in auto mode.

A simple example:

After on night, the home battery reach 40% and Victron stop discharging and wait for next day to recharge. In this case if dynamic ESS is on, the charging will be scheduled for entire day to protect battery life and this what Dynamic ESS supposed to do, but if a charging station from Victron is present in this sistem and set to auto mode all will go wrong and you will remain whit car battery uncharged at the end of the day.

Now, the EV charging station in Auto has her particular settings that triggers auto mode and as example, need that the minimum SOC to be 70%.

In this case if you have dynamic ESS on, is mostly possible that the 70% SOC to be reached at 6PM and you will not have any change to recharge the car battery after that hour in Auto mode in that day.

In my opinion Dynamic ESS must have mandatory in setup and area where use must declare charging station and her poison on system (AC IN or AC out) in order to prioritize when set to auto rather then feed/sell energy to the grid.

I want that my car to be charged then feed/sell energy to the grid and later Dynamic ESS to recharge until sunset my home storage.

Or, charging station must have in that cases another trigger than SOC because the SOC will not be reached soon.

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