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why does DESS take from the grid when my batteries are full

during peak pricing, when batteries are close to full, why does DESS take from the grid? Even a simple ESS knows to take from the batteries during the day but DESS uses the grid instead of inverting? it makes no sense

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Craig Chamberlain avatar image Craig Chamberlain commented ·
Yeah I turned DESS off this evening for this exact reason. My batteries basically sat at 100% all day and that was with minimal solar energy available. Meanwhile the grid is being used for all loads even though it's peak rate.

I even have my battery costs set to 0.01 because my preference is to use the batteries since I've already paid for them and they are rated at 8000 cycles which is more than I can possibly use within the warranty period anyway.

There are times that DESS seems to work really well but I tend to lose confidence in it at times like this. I think I'm just going to build my own custom Node RED flow to do exactly what I want.

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zed-must avatar image zed-must Craig Chamberlain commented ·
Great to know someone else finds it unusable. I tried to get my head around node red but couldn’t manage. If theres any way to share your node red set up file i would be very grateful
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Craig Chamberlain avatar image Craig Chamberlain zed-must commented ·
I'll have to write it first! :)

I have good days and bad days with DESS and a lot of the time it seems to work quite well. Maybe I'll try to understand what's going wrong before abandoning it.

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