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Dynamic ESS + Grid meter

Hello Guys,

One question regarding how Dynamic ESS interpret values from AC Load and Critical loads.

My case is simple, Dynamic ESS keep buying energy from grid even when battery is 100%.

In my case I have a smart meter at feeding point that serve as a grid meter.

Between smart meter and my Victron I installed 2 EV Charging stations, also from Victron and other consumers.

I define in ESS that this loads that are between smart meter and Victron to be powered always from the grid and sun during the day.

Rest of consumers are connected on Victron output and they are show as a Critical Loads and always drain from battery/sun/grid.

How Dynamic ESS algoritm make difference between AC Load consumption and Critical load, because I notice that Dynamic ESS make a total sum of all consumption and then compare whit the amount of battery that I put in wizard and in the end decide that my battery can't support that consumption, but in reality my consumption from battery during one night is around 5-10kWh and battery capacity is 50 kWh.

Need time to learn or algorithm can't make diferent between this consumptions yet?

@mvader (Victron Energy) any suggestion?

Thanks and good job whit Dynamic ESS


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