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Thinkerforge to enhance I/O capabilities

Hello guys,

I am new to Venus OS. I am coming from the smart home community and running a smart home for 12 plus years already. Most of my equipment at home is KNX and the intelligence is coming via OpenHAB. Thus said I am eloquent in Linux and hardware .-).

I started researching smart camping and found your products/this community. I am intrigued to get started with Venus OS. Especially I like the open source nature of it. I saw some are working on Node Red ;-) already. Love it.

I was wondering if you know Thinkerforge?

Its a universe of sensors and actors which can be easily facilitated on a rPi or similar hardware.

Venus OS and Venus GX together with thinkerforge could be the ingredients for a easy to set up smart RV/caravan.

I would love to get your feedback on integrating the thinkerforge universe into Venus OS. Think of adding a module and it appears in the menu of Venus OS.

OpenHAB: Thinkerforge:

Regards Ralf

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