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Multiplus charge problem

I have a Victron Multiplus 48V/5000VA newly installed which charges correctly the batteries with 2000W of solar and also à 6kW desiel generator.

When the 2kW pump starts and the batteries are mostly charged everything works fine. Today with the batteries at 50%, when the pump is on the Multiplus stays on charge for less than a minute, then stops, then restarts, then stops, then restarts, then stops.

If I stop the pump the charger works correctly, but i need the pump to run and to charge the batteries at the same time. When on charge I have 1995W charging the batteries, and 2251w going to the pump, The group seems to be running fine. But the Multiplus switches on and off non stop. When the group is off, the charge to the battery goes up to between 2200W and 2800W.

Should the multiplus auto-limit the energy used to charge the batteries, or do I need to limit the charge. There is a color control installed.

The problem is the client is 600km from me and I'm not looking forward to driving across the country to change a setting on the inverter, but perhaps I will need to.



MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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Hi Jay. The Multi may be rejecting the genny input at higher loads. That would be a genny issue, and you'd usually hear the Multi's transfer switch clicking quite loudly if that's occurring. This isn't uncommon, but it's 'fixable'.

You can limit the total input from the genny within the CCGX, and that might be worth a try too.

IF any this is related to your issue, it should be adjustable remotely if you've VRM access.

Hope this might save you a trip, but come back..

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