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Multiplus GX Ve.Can error passive but no errors?


on my Multiplus2 GX I switched the CAN to BMS CAN (500k) and it properly detects my Pylontech battery.

Yet in the status I see this:


After like 2mins of operation, TEC begins to rise until state turns to ERROR-WARNING and subsequently to the seen ERROR-PASSIVE. I can see all battery data coming in nicely and also hooked a oscilloscope to the CAN to see what's going on. I can see the battery's msgs being acked by the GX and (a lot less) msgs from the GX being acked by the battery. I don't have the means to check if every msgs by the GX is acked by the battery, but the ones I could trigger on where acked.

To my understanding the CAN works fine at least on the Layer2.

Any clue why the GX goes into ERROR-PASSIVE then and reaches high TEC counts?

Thanks in advance!

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Forgot to mention, termination stub is connected at Multiplus and there's also termination at the battery side. And on the oscilloscope, signals looked nice and without distortion.
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