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Multiplus not switching on

Multiplus 12v 3000 not working,, not switching on.

When I connect 12v , no AC connected and switch on ( inverter) all 8 leds flash for a while, then stop flashing, nothing more happens. When switching over to charger, nothing,

When the leds flash I can hear a clicking noise like from a relay. , It's not the orange 12v relayon the top right side,, could not find another 12v relay in the unit , Maybe the clicking sound is a capacitor discharging?

When Ac connected the same , all 8 led flash or sometimes all 8 on , or sometimes nothing.

I took it apart and checked all connections as well visual., looks all good.

It's 8 years old , hardly used.

Anybody has an idea where the problem might be?

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Hi, @carl1964 from a longtime Victron distributor in the USA. Please don't be affronted at my most basic of suggestions in case you're ahead of me; I don't know your background or experience level, so here goes:

Measure the battery voltage on the DC cable bolts inside the Victron Multi...using a digital hand held multimeter. Measure not only while the Multi is off but also while it's attempting to turn on.

If the voltage is low, try rounding up a DC power supply or battery charger which can hold the battery voltage up while the Multi is trying to start. One must confirm adequate DC energy on the Multi inputs as an early step in the troubleshooting process. The blue box won't work at all around 10.5vDC or design. Up to 14.5vDC is OK to the high side for a "12v" Multi.

I hope this will be helpful advice. Keep the sun shining.

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Thanks for the advice. It's not the battery, 700AH Lithium , AWG 4/0 cable , less then 1/2m each side, no voltage drop at all.

I downloaded the Victron tool app.: If you scroll backward on the led info I found the 8 leds flashing info. Needs a firmware update. As well I got an email from Victron ( thanks a lot ) stating : new firmware or new main circuit board. I am still trying to upload a new firmware, no luck yet. Firmware can only be uploaded when the unit switches on, not working with 8 flashing leds.

I need a working one latest in 2 weeks., might have to go the expensive way.

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Hi & thanks for clarifying, @carl1964. I was trying for the low hanging fruit with my suggestion but it's clear you'll have to reach higher. Consider asking your contact at Victron technical if plugging into AC power might wake the unit well enough to accept the firmware update.

I can't recall on Victron brand but some inverter/chargers will turn on from AC power even if there's no battery attached. No further reply is needed since you're busy but here's hoping for a home run.

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