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Victron MultiPlus Compact 24V/2000VA parallel

We have a dGPS radio station here, in Estonia, which is powered by two Victron Multis in parallel. The station really doesn´t need the amount of power, that two multis combined can offer.

The initial idea was to raise stability of the station (in case the grid fails). There was an assumption, that if I put two charger/inverters to work on parallel and one of them fails, then the other one continues to work and holds broadcasting stable and continuous.

But like they say, that "Assumption is mother of". It didn´t work: as soon as I pulled the UTP cable out from one inverter (parallel cable between machines), the second immediately went to a halt (and of course broadcasting station with it).

Question: does anybody know a way to put these machines to work so, that these would support each other in case, when one of them fails.


MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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For total redundancy, perhaps two separate systems, linked together with an ATS (automatic transfer switch). One side would normally be up, and the other on standby. If the primary failed the second would immediately take over.

Victron have this:, Probably adequate for you, but there's higher powered stuff out there.

No firmware/software involved.

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hmm link is broken for me. A general comment that if its a typical break before make ATS, make sure:

* your load can tolerate/ride over the break time.

* that your ATS is more reliable than a single multiplus otherwise its a lot of cost for no real reliability gain. Depending on how the ATS fails, an ATS failure could shutdown your loads.

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