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MPPT 100/20 shuts OFF on a sunny day

I have a couple of charge controllers, MPPT 250/100, 250/70, 150/35 and three MPPT 100/20.

The MPPTs 100/20 sometimes shuts off during normal operation, see this picrture:


at 14:00 you see the graph going to 0, then it stays at 0 to 5 watts. When I disconnect the solar panels, and reconnect it, then it works again as expected. I did that so minutes later, when the graph goes up to the normal power.

I know three people in our city having exactly the same problem, also with MPPT 100/20.

All my three MPPT 100/20 are BMS controlled via Cerbo. So if any shut-off condition occurs, I would expect that all charge controller are deactivated by the Cerbo, but it is only one or the other, randomly.
Since I am not alone with this issue, I wonder what could be the reason for this shut-off, and why do I have to disconnect/reconnect the solar panel to get it working again?

It only happens with the MPPT 100/20, not with the others, and there is no error message recorded.

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