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Why is the AWG different on the box to what the conversion chart states?

Bought the cables recommended by the dealer and surprise surprise they're too big. The product pictures were too poor to ascertain this at the time and now I read the box (Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/30) it states the following:

DC terminals: 10mm2 / AWG6

The conversion chart shows this:


Why is it so different and what am I supposed to order? Is it actually 10mm2 maximum or is this inaccurate too? Can I use AWG7 or not? Do I actually need AWG8? I'm really limited on what I can get here and going to be really annoyed if I have no power for another week waiting on another delivery that *might* connect the battery charger to the battery. Asked the dealer for everything I needed and if it was all compatible. Thanks for any input.

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@corvus_tristis Blue Smart IP22 manual gives battery connection terminals as 16mm, 6awg.

Where did you see 10mm?

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Cables you have are fine, worst case scenario trim some strands from end if too big to fit into the terminals
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Yeah they would be if only slightly out, but they sent 2AWG, but I’ve got some 6 on the way. So only two days without power in -28 Celsius. Still wondering why it’s so inaccurate, they don’t make it as easy, but no issues taking the money hah.
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Was on the box, sorry thought I added it. I just don’t get the inconsistency. It’s probably just me but I want it to match so I’m sure I’m buying and using the right things.

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@corvus_tristis Reported error in packaging.
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