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Quattro AC Output current drops to zero for a split second

I have a gx controlled Quattro installed. Two mppts with ve direct. And Blue Nova racpower series lithium pack.

Everything was running fine. Then client mentioned that his alarm system ups beeps sometimes.

I checked the advanced graphs and saw AC output current drops below zero a few times a day. Very short period as not to even power down the other appliances.

The system is ESS controlled and all units have been updated to newest firmware versions.

The output voltage is also quite high at aroun 245V sometimes.

What else can I check?


MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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At your "Grid code selection" page in the ve.config, what is your voltages set to? It might be that grid voltages exceed the parameters and switch to inverting, then there's a small power transfer from grid supply to battery supply, this sometimes noticeable with more sensitive devices when switch over occurs. Create a Custom widget on the VRM portal showing a comparison between Inverter input and output voltage as well as power. This should give you an idea if the Inverter is following Grid voltage till safety parameters are met and switches over.capture.png

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