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Connecting Shore Power throgh an Automatic Transfer Switch

PD Automatic Tranfer Switch copy.pngI have upgraded my electrical system in my new travel trailer and have been working with Battleborn. The one area they could not help me in detail was the output connection from the Program Dynamics PD5100 Automatic Transfer Switch (30 amp) to the Multiplus 3K – 120V Inverter. I disconnected the wires running from the transfer switch to the trailer power center and replaced it with 3 wires going to the Multiplus Power In connection. Has anyone done this connection and if so, please comment on whether I have done this correctly. Or if not, what is the correct connection.

Thank you.

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I've moved this out of Modifications and into the main Q&A space, since it's a basic hookup question that some others may have experience with.

At a glance, what you show appears correct - I don't see any other way that you could possibly connect the ATS.

I'll note, of course, that for your safety it may be best to consult a reputable and experienced installer in your area to ensure that all is connected properly and safely.

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