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Quattro "idle" power draw when in Peak Shaving mode below SoC


My shore supply is limited to 8kW and my loads on occassion climbs to 10kW for a minute or two.

To make sure I am not overloading my shore supply, I've enabled Peak Shaving even when below SoC, to make sure the inverter steps in when the power consumption is indeed over 8kW.

While in that mode, the Quattro is passing through grid power most of the time and steps in when necessary, so all is great there. However, the "idle" power draw from the battery with the peak shaving on is notably larger compared to it being off (I presume because the inverter is there primed up ready to step in).

Is there any way to have the Peak Shaving selectively enabled only when the consumption goes over a specific threshold? The loads I have are all individually around 3kW so for me it would be sufficient for it to only get into the "ready" mode when the power needed goes over 5kW at any point.

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