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Multiplus II will only start with grid in charger mode ( ON/OFF switch in charger mode).

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I have a multiplus II that will only start when there is grid and the ON/OFF switch is ON (charger mode position - TWO bars).

If we flip that ON/OFF switch in Inverter mode (ONE bar) it does not start and stays OFF, with DC in (Battery) and AC in (Grid) present on the inverter.

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Check your battery and battery connections, since to invert it has to get its power from there.

When connected from grid it will pass power through from there.

The other thing to try if the battery is good, is remove the ve bus cable from the GX and flip the switch then.

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Noted I will try removing VEBUS and flip the switch. Polarity is correct.

Cerbo is in parallel with the inverter on the DC input.

Comms cable goes from CAN (on battery) to BMS Can on Cerbo.

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Tried that. It was not successful.

It could be that the switch is damaged itself. It is not unlikely.

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this is the system in question all devices are communicating. Inverter ON but only when ON/OFF switch is in Charger mode and grid is ON.screenshot-2024-01-09-144443.pngscreenshot-2024-01-09-144443.png

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Passthrough is a state where the system cannot (or is set to not) discharge from the battery.

Your battery or connections to it is the problem if it won't invert when you disconnect grid.

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w8dev avatar image w8dev bertcy commented ·
The MultiPlus2 is designed to automatically go into passthrough mode when AC In is detected. Can you show us the same images as above when your switch is in the "On" position and you have AC In disconnected?
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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ w8dev commented ·

It depends, is ESS programmed onto the system? The passthrough state plus the fact it won't invert still points to the DC side being an issue.

Has the Victron Freedom Won guide been followed?

How many batteries are on the system?

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