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Quattro Keeps Cycling Off

Hi, we have 2 Quattro inverters in our motorhome. Have had problems with the unit powering on, and then when it switches to charge mode it shuts off and then comes back on. It just continues on this cycle indefinitely. I am however able to use it in "inverter only" mode.

We had this problem a few months ago with #1. Went to the installer and they replaced it, but didn't diagnose the root cause. Now we are having same problem with #2. They are in Indiana, we are now in Florida. They tried to diagnose problem remotely but didn't come up with anything.

I am currently scheduling with another Victron dealer in Florida but was curious if anyone else has had this problem and/or knows the cause. Not looking to fix anything on my own just trying to understand issue better.

TIA . Steve

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