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HB with 24v 20KWH batt 4kw gen with 120 and 220

Need help choosing equipment for houseboat with following requirements. And general advice if this will work.


4@12v Lifepo4 12v 460AH Batteries

Solar array #1 4@200w 24v CIGS in 48v config.

Solar array #2 8@550 48v bifacial in 48v config.

120v inverter charger for house

220v for 28 seer minisplit

4kw onan 120v generator (30amp)

I currently have one Smar Solar 250/100 MPPT

I would like to use two multiplus to do bothe 120v and 220v. With the 220v only used for the minisplit. Another huge plus would be to have tow multiplus putting 24v@70amp into the batteries when the generator is running. Or something close to that. Then leverage the batteries if the minisplit is running. It seems like a huge waste to run the generator if the DC charger is only using 1/3rd of the generators capacity.

The 220 can be a completely separate circuit.

Is this even possible with victron mutliplus? Or would a separate AC to DC charger and independent inverter make more sense?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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Re The solar arrays: if the voltages given are the open circuit voltages of the modules, you will need to re-arrange these to give higher voltage input for the MPPT. the 8 550W modules can be arranged in 4S2P to give 192V Voc, this can be connected to the 250/100 MPPT, which will give 91.6A @ 48V. You will need another MPPT for the other modules.

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