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What's the point of having Romanian grid code with the latest Multi firmware but unable to use it?


I just update my Multi 48/5000 230V version with the latest 460 firmware, hoping that I can select grid code compatible with my country. The Romanin grid code was added recently, in fact 460 version being the first firmware which support RO grid standard.

Unfortunately I am not able to select the grid code and I don't know why. The unit was purchased from Romania and should be compatible with romanian grid.

Someone has an explanation for this, please?



MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger
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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @MihaiR

I'm not sure, but I think you need the multiplus II for that, as is the same for a lot of countries.

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mihair avatar image mihair commented ·

The question is why the newest firmware for my Multi has support for romanian grid code but the actual hardware doesn't accept it?

What is the point of publishing 460 firmware for 2624 hardware as long as RO grid code is not accepted by this hardware, knowing that RO grid code was one of the main reasons for firmware update

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kai avatar image kai ♦ mihair commented ·

VEConfigure is used across a range of products. So you'll see all possible options, including ones not applicable to your hardware.

The software is primarily aimed at installers and not end-users, and I can only assume the above point is made during Victron training sessions.

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mihair avatar image mihair kai ♦ commented ·

Please allow me to disagree.

The newest grid codes are features of Multi not VEConfigure software. It can be easily checked by installing the latest VEConfigure version and one will not have access to RO or AT grid codes until Multi isn't upgraded to 460 firmware version. This is also stated into log change docx file on Victron Professional website, which by the way can be accessible by the end user and not only by the installers.

Regarding the end user versus installers controversy, I am fully convinced that a passionate end user can make complex deployment fully functional , like ESS with DC chargers and AC inverters, by themself without any "qualified" help.



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kai avatar image kai ♦ mihair commented ·

I don't necessarily disagree with you on any point, nor was I advocating Victron's position.

The point I was going for was that because Victron's starting point was "for installers", it lent to a particular view when developing the tools. That was it - I'd love for more development and documentation to occur on the configuration tools, but I'm an end user and don't set Victron policies :P

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kolfleading answered ·

Salut Mihai,

MultiPlus and MultiGrid have only one anti-island relay (anti-backfeed relay) to isolate the inverter from the grid when the grid goes off.

MultiPlus II has two redundant relays.

Some country codes (possibly Romanian also) require a dual redundant setup.

I agree that it is a bit sloppy of Victron to show you an option that you're not allowed to select.

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laurentiupitran answered ·

we must admit that this forum is for everyone, for general discussion as has been repeatedly specified by VICTRON representatives - so it is not only for specialists and sellers.

many times, the problems specified by end-users exceed the competence of local VICTRON representatives or authorized dealers.

here is the role of this forum, but every time VICTRON representatives fail to give a pertinent answer to the issues raised:

- either direct the applicant to a local VICTRON representative, which, as I said, is outdated

- or try to minimize the exposed issue, perhaps the problem exposed finds the solution indirectly through the users of the forum.

- there are also the answers that make you feel bad that you have managed to identify a technical problem and that you exposed it here .....

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Having the option there gives the opportunity to explain why you can’t select it.

If the option was hidden, installers would instead ask why the option is missing for them, after it had been announced, Or when it will be available, etc

The product is suitable for use in Romania, but not in all applications. Each country has various rules around which Victron products can be installed, and in which situations.

In your case, it would not be fair to the off grid market if we didn’t make MultiPlus available in Romania because it isn’t approved for grid connection.

A dealer should not sell you a product that it unsuitable for the application though.

Distributors and installers are trained to know which local rules apply where and with which products.

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ejrossouw answered ·

@MihaiR Coming from the IT world, I know it is a very costly exercise to adapt the software and maintain it for every older version of hardware so it makes perfectly good sense for me doing it this way. Older Victron hardware are as a consequence also enhanced for much longer as you got ther new fuctionality, but just not all of it due to older hardware missing a relay. Maybe you would have preferred if Victron just discontinued supporting older hardware and you would have been none the wiser?

@kai As for end-users can do it, I agree that I did my own installation with success, however as for being aware of all the grid etc. legal requirements, I think it only fair that you should not expect Victron to be liable for your mistakes or legal challenges if your grid provider suffers damage to their equipment because of your experiments. It also may have broader implications such as invalidating home insurance policies if it is not done by a professional.

Finally, you are probably 0.1% of RO Multiplus owners who will actually be bothered by this so this makes even me question why I took the time to respond, but maybe looking at the bigger picture will help you see things slightly differently??

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CristiMV answered ·

Having the same issue of not being able to select Romania grid code.....

I would understand the explanation (I have mainly an IT background also) that is costly to adapt older HW to the new firmware, but how come that for a brand new Quattro purchased last year, I'm getting the same error?

And yes, sometime a passionate and experienced end-user could be more thorough and attentive for setting and fine tuning, compared with an installer that is following strict scenarios which might not be applicable always.

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