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Why has my Victron MPPT 100/50 gone haywire

I have a Victron Smart Solar MPPT 100/50 charging a 24 v 600 watt Lithium Phosphate battery bank. It's been working fine for the last 2 months since installation. Then it stopped working. The solar controller bluetooth app shows the solar voltage at 22.5v with no amperage recorded. This is exactly the same voltage that reads from the battery bank. (I had to recharge teh battery bank from a normal mains power charger as the batteries went flat during the period the solar charger was not operating - but I disconnected the solar controller and batteries during the recharge) The blue flashing indicating "waiting for solar power"continues to blink every 3 seconds.The system has worked fine up to three days ago then stopped charging.I have checked my blue tooth settings and readings but no charge current or power out current and no "trends" for either PV or battery, just flat lines indicating 22.5 volts.I have checked all connections from PV to Charger and no faults as one continuous cable with in line fuse, and from the charger to the battery - again one cable with 40 amp fuse. Disconnected the controller for 5 minutes but no joy when reconnected.Is it broken or is their some simple fix via my bluetooth app? If I disconnect the PV array from te solar controller I get the full 56v read from the panels with 15-30 amps.Very strange but do not want to go out and buy a replacement charger if there is some simple fix, And I assume that if it is a Charger fault, Victron has some form of warranty as I bought it from a local distributer in Queenslad Australia

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A couple of things to check, on the VE Connect app, go to settings ( the cog in the top right hand corner), then choose battery. Check that 24V is selected for battery voltage and check that "charger enabled" is on and "max charge current" is set to 50A.

When you say you checked the panel voltage and current when disconnected was that at the wires that go into the MPPT or elsewhere because you should test at the wires going into the MPPT. You mention a fuse on the line from the panels to the MPPT, is this a fuse or a resettable fuse (breaker) because some of the cheap ones have a poor track record.

Sometimes on low temperature the MPPT will not charge lithium batteries but that should not be an issue in Queensland.

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