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ORDER OF SETUP -is this really necessary for me ….

So I intend to add the 100/20 Smartsolar to my vehicle battery, as it’s a camper and always go dead on me in winter, SO I’d like to add this MPPT, and it’s got me thinking about the setup order:

At my vehicle connectors (where all the vehicle cables connect to two blocks with a hoop), they are just made in such a way that I cannot add the MPPT to the battery without adding the load with it, due to the connectors being set in a way where the load is just fixed, I can’t just add the MPPT to the terminal without the load. Not sure if that makes sense. For example on my leisure setup, the battery terminals can be bare with no load cables, so I can add the MPPT first, then loads, but in this case I can’t take the loads off the terminals. So load will be active as soon as I connect to MPPT to battery.

So does this really matter?? I have a 100w panel to connect.

If anyone knows a way round this that would be great.

+Could I just take a voltage reading of the battery itself, then connect up and input manually the voltage of the battery??


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