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New Victron MPPT 150/60 consistently outperformed by my old Xantrex

Off-grid home with 6 x 350W panels mounted and run 3 panels in series to my old Xantrex 150/60 and 3 panels in series to my new Victron 150/60. I have a 23kW 24V battery bank consisting of 12 x 2V 960AH tubular-plate flooded batteries. Yes, I am currently "under solared" but plan on adding 6-8 panels soon.

Anyway, I am seeing that the Xantrex controller consistently outperform the Victron every single day, and sometimes by as much as 2KW/hr.

Settings are the same on both controllers:

Bulk: 29.7

Abs: 29.7

Float: 28.2

Abs Time: 360 Minutes


Both charge controllers are connected directly to the battery bank (no shunt in between).

On the Victron I have tried setting the Absorption to Dynamic or Fixed at 6 hours but it has made no difference. I have also tried with having the 'Tail Current' enabled or disabled -- no difference.

Here's what I typically see (images taken at same time):



I thought maybe the lower daily kW from the Victron is because I actually run the Xantrex in the recommended 2-Stage No Float setting so today I changed it to 3-Stage (with float) but it has made no difference.

Any ideas?

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